Leadership Showdown tonight! Don’t miss out!

I don’t understand, I voted Rudd 2 years ago but then he was challenged by Gillard and it is happening again? They should be reunited as they are both working at the same party. I am confused! I want a new government!



Video Sharing was very similar to Photo Sharing, however, this gave my followers a view on moments share between myself and family and friends without again being physically present. I enjoyed watching my friends videos as well as posting videos.


Photo Sharing was actually amusing and fun, as it helped me and my followers visualise and express what I was seeing at the present time. This gave me the ability to express a thought without any words and being able to understand not only what was happening in my mind but also seeing what other users saw without sitting next to them and witnessing the visual aids physically.


Micro blogging was very interesting, it was very relieving that I was able to express thoughts throughout the day and be able to share any ideas to friends and followers. Being able to receive comments was really good too and I enjoyed receiving likes and feedback.